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LDAP: Hardening Server Security (so administrators can sleep at night)

Client Connections Limit the total number of concurrent sessions to the server and limit the number of concurrent sessions per client Set size-limit, lookthrough-limit, and time-limit per client appropriate to client requirements (be aware of the server’s default settings, often … Continue reading

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LDAP: Password Modify Extended Request

The Password Modify Extended Request is an LDAP extended operation which may be used to change passwords while requiring the existing password – which might be very important for security audits. The object identifier (OID) of the extended request is … Continue reading

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LDAP: Last Logon Time and Last Logon IP Address

Using password policies, the UnboundID Directory Server can record the entry’s last logon time and last logon IP address from which a connection authenticated. The password policy has ‘properties’ named: last-login-time-attribute last-login-time-format last-login-ip-address-attribute which specify the name of the attribute … Continue reading

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LDAP: Defenses for the Directory Services Environment

The Need For Defenses Directory Servers, as with any service provider, can be neutralized and their ability to provide directory services as specified in their Service Level Agreements (SLAs) compromised by client applications that consume large amounts of server resources. … Continue reading

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