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A convenient framework for toString()

This article presents a convenient framework for preserving the look and feel of toString() outputs. 200910230555.jpg   formatArg () creates a Map from it’s parameters, a map that contains a single entry, keyed by the name of the value to display. newHashMap is a type-safe Map creation method: 200910230600.jpg formatObjectToString () returns a String given a List of Maps (which Maps can be created by formatArg ()). … By way of example, class BasicNumericDataCollectorAction from the DIrectory Server Log Analyzer uses formatArg() and formatObjectToString() in its overridden toString() method by presenting in String form the statistical items that are calculated by the class: 200910230549.jpg Continue reading

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13,800,000 entry Sun Directory Server 5.2 patch 6 Benchmark yields 17,000 searches per second

Introduction At one time, the Sun Directory Server provided the most scalable, high-performance LDAP data store for identity information in the industry and serves as the foundation for the new generation of e-business applications and Web services. Sun Directory Server provides … Continue reading

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