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LDAP: Defenses for the Directory Services Environment

The Need For Defenses Directory Servers, as with any service provider, can be neutralized and their ability to provide directory services as specified in their Service Level Agreements (SLAs) compromised by client applications that consume large amounts of server resources. … Continue reading

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13,800,000 entry Sun Directory Server 5.2 patch 6 Benchmark yields 17,000 searches per second

Introduction At one time, the Sun Directory Server provided the most scalable, high-performance LDAP data store for identity information in the industry and serves as the foundation for the new generation of e-business applications and Web services. Sun Directory Server provides … Continue reading

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Diagnosing performance shortfalls with Sun Directory Server 5.2p6 on Solaris Intel platforms

Sun Directory Server 5.2p6 may exhibit performance shortfalls when running in Solaris 10 on an Intel platform. One possible cause of the shortfall is the use of the single-threaded malloc library from libc. The Directory Server depends on the use … Continue reading

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