ldapmodify: be careful with attribute options

Clients must include the attribute options when using an attribute name following a mod-spec. Consider the following LDIF:

# wrong
dn: cn=test,c=us
changetype: modify
replace: your-attribute-name
your-attribute-name;binary: binary-stuff

your-attribute-name must contain the option (binary in this case). Here is the corrected LDIF:

# right
dn: cn=test,c=us
changetype: modify
replace: your-attribute-name;binary
your-attribute-name;binary: binary-stuff

Some broken ldapmodify tools (notably the legacy OpenLDAP ldapmodify tool) and directory servers accept the first wrong LDIF as correct. Be sure to follow the standards.

About Terry Gardner

Terry Gardner was a leading directory services architect with experience with many large scale directory services installations and messaging server installations, and was a Subject Matter Expert in the field of Directory Services and Solaris (operating system) performance. Mr. Gardner also participated in the open-source software community. Mr. Gardner passed away in December, 2013.
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