Software dependencies

Maven makes software creation so much easier. From a place where things just work, I have been thrust back into the world of half-assed package systems, making GNU software by hand, screwing around with dependency resolution, and other arcane, time-wasting pursuits. Maven far out-paces such systems, though. Everything is there, everything is resolved, and with Nexus everything is easy. This is how the world of software development should be. Maven makes software development easy, fun, accurate, deployable, testable, maintainable and understandable. Other systems are more akin to building the space-shuttle with a pair of pliers and a screwdriver. One could probably build a spacecraft with the afore-mentioned implements, but as Chris Rock says, “you can drive a car with your knees but that don’t make it a good idea”. Or as I say, “just because you CAN do it does not often mean you SHOULD do it.”

About Terry Gardner

Terry Gardner was a leading directory services architect with experience with many large scale directory services installations and messaging server installations, and was a Subject Matter Expert in the field of Directory Services and Solaris (operating system) performance. Mr. Gardner also participated in the open-source software community. Mr. Gardner passed away in December, 2013.
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